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About CLTL

Literature has the power to transform men's and women's lives - this is the philosophy behind Changing Lives Through Literature (CLTL).

Individuals who read about characters in literature may find a connection between themselves and those characters. If literature is a regular companion in our lives, this is not news. But, many adults and youth do not have access to literature and its transformative nature. CLTL participants, judges, probation officers, and instructors believe that bringing carefully selected works of literature to criminal offenders may help these men and women gain insight into their lives and behavior, while learning that they are not alone with their problems. The written word affects us far beyond the moment of reading.

In the About CLTL section, you will find the following information about the program:

  • The History of the founding programs and the Philosophy of the co-founders explain how and why CLTL was born.

  • With the pages For Students, For Instructors, For Probation Officers, and For Judges, our intention is to describe these four primary roles and help those who fill each of the roles navigate the more useful parts of the website.

  • Endorsements will give you an idea of the breath and scope of our support at CLTL.

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