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CLTL Programs

As an alternative sentencing program, Changing Lives Through Literature has existed since 1991 in New Bedford, Massachusetts and since 1992 in Lynn and Lowell, Massachusetts. Since that time, additional programs have been initiated in other Massachusetts courts, Texas, Arizona, Kansas, Connecticut, Maine, New York, and Rhode Island, as well as some international locations.

Individual programs represent dozens of people: probationer-students, judges, probation officers, instructors, and all the many supporters we count among our friends. In Massachusetts, existing programs are centered at district courts. Other types of facilities, as well as courts, house CLTL programs in other states and overseas.

In the Program section of our website, you will find:

  • Background and advice on how to Start a Program.

  • A description of four model programs that allows you to Follow a Program.

  • Individual program offering a glimpse of a few of the CLTL communities currently running.

  • A variety of Results and Studies with perspectives ranging from student reviews of their CLTL experiences to recidivism studies.

  • Other Programs shows the depth of the CLTL concept through programs that vary from the "traditional" CLTL format. The strength of CLTL rests in flexibility and the power of literature to offer much to many.

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