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The Possibilities...

Although we initially constructed the CLTL program to be a condition of probation for adult men and women, others have built on the concept and, with adjustments, the program is now being used with juveniles on probation and with adults in prison.

At the Dartmouth Women's Center of the Bristol County Prison in Massachusetts, Kelly DeSouza has been running a program for female prisoners that is based on the CLTL premise.

In the United Kingdom, a dedicated core group has worked to bring CLTL into prisons. Their preliminary report, Connections in the UK is followed by Connections UK: Final Report. A report on a visit to Boston by Wendy Robertson and Avril Joy titled The Challenge of Radical Sentencing records the connection between the US and the UK as it developed.

In Arizona, the Living Through Literature program is two-credit course offered to college students as well as probationers.

From New York State, an experiment using literature and film is described.

An exciting development, taking place over the past few years, is the application of the CLTL model with juvenile probationers. In June 2004, at a CLTL conference, a panel of members from three juvenile programs presented strategies, results, and reflections. The Honorable Joseph Reardon, First Justice of the Barnstable District Court in Massachusetts, moderated the panel and shared these Introductory Remarks. Later, long-time Dorchester facilitator, Taylor Stoehr, reflected on the Dorchester contribution to the juvenile panel, and we have a similar contribution from the New Bedford juvenile program. In addition, a history and review of the New Bedford Juvenile Program appears, as well as a complete overview of the Dorchester Juvenile Program.

Another new innovation and application of the CLTL model began at Barnstable District Court, where Judge Joseph Reardon was the first to use CLTL in Drug Court.

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