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How to Start a Program

The Changing Lives Through Literature (CLTL) format is flexible enough to accommodate differences in student probationer groups, court systems, and participant involvement. Starting a program requires dedication to the concept that literature can change people's lives; after that, the rest is just logistics.

The wonder of this program is that those involved from court to court may differ in approaches, and it still works. The procedures and suggestions offered here will help orient you in the types of things you'll want to consider. For program development purposes, feel free to print and use any material you find on this web site. This section is geared towards enthusiasts who want to know how to make this happen. Anyone can work towards developing a program; however, as you'll see, a few key roles must be filled.

If you are considering developing a new program, we'd like to hear from you at our email address: or by phone at 508-999-8752. Please contact us! We can answer questions and provide additional knowledge and expertise. In addition, you will be joining a large community of people, and we'd like to know you are with us.

The following topics are offered in roughly the order you should approach them; but this process, like many others, is recursive.

Team Concept
Judicial Authorization
Choosing the First Group
Choosing an Approach
Realistic Goals
Rules and Guidelines
Common Problems

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