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Practical Help

These forms were created by probation officers in Massachusetts to help them with their CLTL tasks. Feel free to print and use these or build on the ideas. Share your own forms or ideas. Forms are listed under the names of the POs who submitted them:

PO Charles Ashe
Framingham District Court

Setting Up a CLTL Program
Letter to Incoming Students
Program Rules

PO Hank Burke (retired)
Barnstable District Court

Rules for Probationers
Exit Letter by Probationers
Letter to Incoming Students

PO Michelle Carter
Lynn District Court

Students: Announcement for a New CLTL Series (pdf)
Other POs: Announcement for a New CLTL Series (pdf)
Making up a Class List
Letter to New Participants
Referral Form (pdf)
Intake Form (pdf)
Progress Report (pdf)
Contract (pdf)

CPO Ed Gaffey
Concord District Court

Advice to POs about Setting Up CLTL

ACPO Robert Hassett
Lowell District Court

Sample Contract for Probationers (pdf)
Probation Methods
Making Up a Class List
Follow-up Questionnaire

PO Heather Rocheford
Worcester District Court

Tracking Participation (pdf)
Letter to Entering Students (pdf)
Flyer for New Session
How to Get Going: Advice for POs
Graduation Certificate (pdf)

PO Gail Weinberg-Kraus (profile)
Wrentham District Court

CLTL Expectations of Students
Reading Suggestions

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