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Practical help for starting and running a program and ideas to share with others about how individuals approach the day-to-day aspects of CLTL are included in this section.

Instructional Materials comprises four things primarily of use to CLTL instructors: Sample Syllabi not only demonstrate the range of texts we use, but the timing and expectations of how much students can reasonably read in a given time period. The syllabi also show the demographic variety of our students. The Lists of Texts are just that, lists of texts in different genres that have been used in CLTL programs. Teaching Specific Texts offers a series of lesson plans written by CLTL instructors about texts they've found helpful in the program. And Teaching Strategies explains the types of methods that our instructors have found useful in the CLTL classroom.

Court Forms and Methods are directed towards those who work in the courts: judges and probation officers. Here, CLTL probation officers share the forms they've developed to help themselves organize CLTL programs. Judges share ideas about sentencing and their roles in CLTL.

Bibliographies includes our accumulated bibliographies of articles, books, and academic work on related topics, such as alternative sentencing. In addition, there's a link to Publications, which includes works by CLTL participants.

Links are to other web sites, either concerning CLTL or related topics. Some of these links go to our allies.

Student Info contains a lengthy list of Social Agencies in Massachusetts meant to help students re-enter. Student writings are also posted here.

Our video archives are found in this section. Shorter clips extracted from our archives can be found elsewhere on the site.

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