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Lynn-Lowell Women's Program

Submitted by Professor Jean Trounstine (profile)
Middlesex Community College
33 Kearney Square, Lowell MA.

"At the University Theatre in Harvard Square, I went to see The True Glory and I was still in uniform. When they showed the films of Dachau, the woman who sat beside me said, 'That's a lie.' I was rugged in those days. I just couldn't take it. I said, 'Lady, I've been there. I still smell the stench.' And I said it loud and all the people heard."
Barbara Helfgott Hyett
from In Evidence

This is a poem, indeed a powerful poem that asks us to respond. It is a piece of literature and one that raises questions. It expects us to know about the Holocaust and to be aware of Dachau. Perhaps it leaves us glad that the poem exists, that someone speaks the truth.

In Changing Lives Through Literature, we will be discussing many pieces of literature that ask you to respond, to think, to question and to feel. You are expected to engage yourselves in the texts and to be prepared to offer up what you see in the readings. Reading closely is the first step. As you progress, you will become involved with the characters and have strong opinions about the books. They may disturb you or make you laugh. But all in all, literature is a way for us to examine our own lives and to feel less alone in our journey.

You are required to attend all 7 sessions and the graduation, to read all the materials, and contribute to the class conversations. You must call (P.O., Sharon or myself) if there is a problem and make up work missed. MISSING A CLASS MAY CAUSE YOU TO BE DROPPED FROM THE PROGRAM. Read a little each night so you finish the book in your two weeks. Books are handed out in class and they are yours to keep.

I recommend that you make notes on the book before coming to class each time. These notes should include, in particular, your observations about the characters. What kind of people are they? Why do they do what they do? Do they change during the story?


Tuesday September 26:

Joyce Carol Oates, Where Are You Going, Where Have you Been?

Tuesday, October 10:
Sandra Cisneros, House on Mango Street

Tuesday, October 24:

Anne Tyler
Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant

Tuesday, November 7:

Harper Lee
To Kill A Mockingbird

Tuesday, November 21:

Toni Morrison
The Bluest Eye

Tuesday, December 5:

Barbara Kingsolver
The Bean Trees

Tuesday, December 19:

Zora Neale Hurston
Their Eyes Were Watching God

Graduation at the Lynn court to be announced, transportation from Lowell is provided.

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