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Here is an annotated list of outside links to other web sites concerning either CLTL or related topics. Some of these links go to our allies.

CLTL Related Links

Drug Court Alternatives and Drug Addiction Recovery
The Drug Court Alternatives Program in Orange County California provides carefully monitored treatment programs for alcoholism and drug addiction recovery for individuals with addiction-related problems who are interested in alternative sentencing programs and work release.

Novel Approach to Sentencing Has Criminals Hitting the Books
An article summarizing CLTL

The New England Higher Education Excellence Award
CLTL Received the NE Higher Education Excellence Award

UMaine Alternative Sentencing Program
- (Alt. Link)
Summary of UMaine CLTL Program

Counselor: The Magazine for Addiction Professionals
Magazine article extensively examining CLTL

The Library of America
The LOA supplies graduation books as awards to CLTL graduates.

Reading Sentences: Judge Joseph Dever
Article about Judge Joseph Dever and CLTL

Related Programs

Alternative Sentencing as a Solution
Article about the benefits and methods of alternative sentencing

Partakers, Inc.
Prison Education Project of Harvard University

The Sentencing Project
Homepage of a program dedicated to alternative sentencing

Prison Moratorium Project
A project run by a group of activists dedicated to building a future beyond prisons

Prison Sucks
Site dedicated to the research of crime control and the ineffectiveness of prisons

Community Correction Punishments: An Alternative To Incarceration for Nonviolent Offenders
Program specializing in a range of alternative punishments for nonviolent offenders

Books Through Bars
Volunteer organization that encourages creative dialogue on the criminal justice system and sends books to prisoners

Women's Prison Book Project
Provides women in prison with free reading materials

360 Degrees Picture Projects
The first 360 Degrees documentary is a critical examination of the state of the prison system

Correctional Education Institute (CEA)
Supports educators and administrators who provide services to students in correctional settings

Juvenile Alternative Sentencing Projects

Star Programs Inc.
Program out of Texas that focuses on alternative sentencing for juvenile offenders

Boulder Colorado Juvenile Programs
Program out of Boulder Colorado that focuses on alternative sentencing for juvenile offenders

Innovative Practices in the Criminal and Juvenile Justice Systems Report: Sentencing - Corrections - Diversion
Article about ways to deal with juvenile offenders; mentions CLTL

The Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice
Supports balanced and humane criminal justice policies that reduce incarceration and promote long-term public safety

Youth Justice Board, UK
Aims to prevent criminal offenses by children and young people

Related Articles

Success Stories: Life Skills Through Literature
Introduction to the theory and practice of using literature to teach life skills to persons who are, or have been, incarcerated

Effects of Reading Literature
Detailed essay on the effects of reading literature

The impact of literature on the incarcerated population
Article on the impact of literature on criminals; speaks of alternative sentencing and CLTL

Teacher used Shakespeare to change prisoners' lives
Story of Jean Trounstine and her alternative sentencing program for women at Framingham Women's Prison

The Crisis: The Nationwide Dismantling of College Programs in Prisons
Web site for the College Bound program at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility
Debt to Society: Special Report on Prisons

International Links

International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy (ICCLR), Canada
Contributes to international criminal justice policy development

The Magistrates' Association, UK
The voice of the magistracy: representing, informing, consulting, training and supporting the magistracy in England and Wales, UK
Provides a list of resources in the criminal justice field

The Unit for the Arts and Offenders, UK
Supports the development of the arts within a criminal justice setting

The Howard League for Penal Reform, UK
A leading, independent charity working for a safe society in which fewer people become victims of crime

The Howard League for Penal Reform, Scotland
Maintains interest in criminal justice system reform in Scotland

Safeguarding Communities-Reducing Offenders (SACRO), UK
SACRO's mission is to reduce conflict and criminal offenses and to make communities safer

Centre for Crime and Justice Studies (CCJS), UK
Kings College School of Law-based charity aiming to inform and educate the public about all aspects of crime and the criminal justice system

Prison Reform Trust, UK
Offers advice and carries out research on all aspects of prison

Probation Studies Unit, Centre for Criminology, University of Oxford, UK
Aims to bring together information on probation policy and practice
CrimeInfo Site, UK
Site informs the public about the nature of crime, what causes it, and how it is dealt with

Home Office, England's Attorney General's Office, UK
Works with individuals and communities to build a safe, just, and tolerant society

Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge, UK
Law School

The Inside Out Trust, UK
Develops prison projects based on restorative justice principles

National Association of Ex-Offenders aiming to work in partnership with both statutory and voluntary agencies in an effort to reduce crime

Women in Prison, UK
Provides welfare and education to women in prison, UK
Crime reduction campaign widening the public debate on crime and punishment

International Centre for Prison Studies, UK
Supports development of appropriate policies on prisons and use of imprisonment

Irish Penal Reform Trust, Ireland
Human rights-based advocacy organization campaigning for a more rational and humane penal system

Prison Arts Foundation, Ireland
Supports the creative self of all prisoners, ex-prisoners, young offenders, and young ex-offenders through arts and crafts

More Links

Women's Prison Association and Home, Inc.
Nonprofit agency creating opportunities for change in the lives of women prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families

Human Rights Watch
Protects the human rights of people around the world

Justice Policy Institute
Nonprofit research and public policy organization dedicated to ending society's reliance on incarceration

Prison Activist Resource Center (PARC)
Exposes and challenges the institutionalized racism of the criminal justice system

Critical Resistance
Seeks to build an international movement to end the prison industrial complex

Corrections, Education, Literacy Resources, Brown University
Offers information about incarceration, education, social and criminal justice, women, arts work in prisons, and the prison industrial complex

Prison and Corrections-Related Mega-Links
Links to other related sites

The Other Side of the Wall
Site providing news and articles about prisons, as well as resources

Penal Reform International (PRI)
International organization supporting penal reform

Promotes crime-free communities for all

Massachusetts Legal Services
Offers information about legal issues to low-income Massachusetts residents

The Bristol County Bar Advocates
Manages the recruiting, training, and scheduling of Bar Advocates to the various Courts in Bristol County, Massachusetts

Open Society Institute
Grant-making foundation serving as the hub of the Soros Foundation's network

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